Winter sport travel insurance.

Epic cover with 7 days skiing/boarding in Europe from only £22.74.

3 cover levels to suit your needs, including benefits such as;

  • From £3 million emergency medical and repatriation expenses

  • From £15,000 legal expenses + £1 million personal liability

  • Up to £1000 for ski equipment + optional gadget cover

Policy benefits

You get all these great benefits included with our policy. Choose from single trip or annual multi-trip, with 3 levels of cover (Premier Plus/Premier/Standard) and add on the optional Winter Sports Cover to best meet your skiing and boarding travel needs.


Cover for ‘you’ if things take a turn for the worse!

Medical & repatriation expenses
Up to £10,000,000 cover for those serious times when you need the most support.

Emergency dental treatment
Taken a spill on the slopes?… up to £500 emergency dental treatment to help get you eating again.

Hospital benefit
Injuries worse than first thought? up to £500 benefit for inpatient treatment (daily limits apply).

Personal accident
Up to £25,000 cover for serious life-changing injuries.


Your travels

If your adventure doesn’t go as planned, you’re covered!

Cancellation or curtailment
If you need to cancel your holiday due to certain unforeseen circumstances, there’s cover for up to £5,000.

Legal expenses
If you’re injured by a third party, you have up to £25,000 for legal expenses when making a claim.

Personal liability
Up to £2,000,000 cover if you injure someone or damage their property.

Travel delay
If there’s an unexpected delay to the start of your adventures, there’s up to £100 cover for the airport lounge (daily limits apply).

Missed departure
Exploring having to wait until another day?… up to £1,000 for missed departure on your outward journey.


Your kit

Cover for when you weren’t intending to travel as light!

Personal possessions & baggage
If someone doesn’t look after your kit like you do, there’s up to £2,000 for loss or theft of personal possessions and baggage (single article limits and valuables limits apply).

Ski equipment
If yours (or the kit you hired) is damaged, lost or stolen, then you’re covered for replacements.

Ski pass
Get a replacement if you’ve dropped your pass during a difficult run or had it stolen.

Personal money
Now where did I put that cash?…up to £200 cover for loss or theft of your money.

They say that ‘if you look like your passport photo… you’re probably too ill to travel’. If yours is lost or stolen, you’re covered for up to £250 to get a replacement.


Optional Gadget Cover

Policy benefits

Once you’ve selected your travel policy, add on optional gadget cover to protect your electronic equipment. With cover for up to 7 gadgets, including laptops, GPS devices, cameras and phones, your tech is fully covered for your adventures.

Accidental damage
£1,000 single article limit and up to £2,000 single laptop limit for those times when your devices weren’t as sturdy or water resistant as you thought!

Out of the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee and your gadget has a breakdown, then you’re covered for that.


Cover for those times when someone takes a particular liking to your tech… and doesn’t give it back!

Unauthorised calls, texts or data use
If your gadget is stolen, you have £100 cover in case the thief runs up unauthorised charges.

Want to know the full policy benefits, cover levels and excesses, and to check that your planned activities are covered?